Classes 2015 / 2016

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 Group 1

Teacher: Irina Vutova

The group consists of children aged 5-6 years. Some of them communicate in their daily lives mainly in English and a correct word order in their Bulgarian sentences can present serious difficulty. Mastering the native language is accomplished primarily through short literary works by Bulgarian and foreign authors, songs and fun games. Аctivities such as drawing, coloring and crafts are included to develop creative thinking and improve motor skills specific to the given age. Work is done in groups and individually according to the nature of the planned activity and is consistent with the capabilities of each child. The main goal is communication in Bulgarian and expansion of the existing vocabulary. All activities are centered around entertaining games.


Group 2

Teacher: Irina Tomova

The curriculum of the advanced group focuses on basic grammar rules of the Bulgarian language, composing and writing short texts, reading and telling stories or excerpts from famous children's stories and novels. The focus is on adding new words to the vocabulary of students and improving their ability to properly use the new material. Students also get acquainted with Bulgarian holidays and customs and expand their knowledge with new proverbs, riddles and folk wisdom. The history component introduces the most important periods in Bulgarian history from the creation of the Bulgarian state to the present day. Along with the most significant historical events and personalities, students get acquainted with common terms and concepts used in historical texts. The geography component is designed to enrich their general knowledge and introduce them to the Bulgarian nature and the country's most interesting centers of cultural, historical and economic importance.