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The Bulgarian school "Vasil Levski" in San Diego is a nest of Bulgarian culture and language away from the motherland, enabling our kids to preserve a part of their national identity. The school is actively driven by the teachers with classes on Bulgarian language and literature, history, and geography. Extracuricular activities develop attachment to the authentic Bulgarian traditions and culture. We are proud with the active participation of the parents, who support the learning process and make the school a better place.

2018-2019 School Year

Group 1
Teacher: Irina Tomova
There are currently 7 students in the class, with a minimum age of 5 years. The program is adapted by the teacher and targets reading and writing in Bulgarian (Cyrillic) alphabet, partitioning words into syllables, and reading short sentences. End-of-year target is for all students to be able to read small texts, appropriate for their age. Part of the learning process is also addressing fine motor skills, applied arts, and music. There are short sections on Bulgarian geography and history. The main focus is on speaking and writing skills, accumulation of vocabulary, and its application in everyday communication.

School hours are 9-11am every Saturday, with a short break between classes.

Group 2
Teacher: Irina Tomova
There are currently 11 students in this group, who have already been in the school for one or more years. The kids carry on with development of their vocabulary and phrases, learning to apply them actively in writing and speaking. The program focuses on more in-depth understanding of the Bulgarian national identity, with a number of historical and geographical points intertwined in the curriculum. Students are introduced to the work of Bulgarian and international authors of books, fairy tales, and songs. Significant time is dedicated to music and the arts.

School hours are 11am-1:30pm every Saturday, with a short break between classes.

Group 3
Teacher: Mariana Marinova
There are currently 6 students in this class, which is the most advanced in writing, reading, and speaking in Bulgarian language. Education is focused on further developing the vocabulary, grammar, and fluent use of the language with subjects including Bulgarian language, Reading, and Pronounciation. Lessons in history and geography build up further on the foundation established in prior years.

School hours are 10:30am-1:30pm every Saturday with a 30-minute break. By exception, some classes may be moved to 9-12:30pm.