Mariana Marinova

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The call to be a teacher is something very personally felt at the heart. I do feel the need to light the torch of curiosity in the children's eyes and bring emotions to their little hearts.

I am a software programmer by trade, but started as a high-school teacher in my home city of Varna. My experience of 6 years developed me as a teacher, educator, friend, and professional in my specialty, socially engaged among students and colleagues. I took on various teaching opportunities, which led me to study Pedagogy. I have always been amazed by the results one can achieve with a new kid and seeing a newly kindled flame of knowledge is the greatest reward both for the student and the teacher. I do believe that we are born to be life-long learners and cherish the opportunity to help our kids on that journey, particularly with Bulgarian heritage. To feel at home in Bulgaria, to know their mother's tongue and roots. Reflecting on our childhood, we can all name few individuals, who have played a major role in shaping our vision of the world, and those inspire me to be a better educator and mentor. I'd like to convey the best of Bulgarian traditions to our kids, enable them to one day step back into the sacred motherland and create great things.

Mariana Marinova