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Bulgarians in San Diego

Why we started "Vasil Levski"

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The beautiful city of San Diego and the California lifestyle attract a lot of people and although our Bulgarian nation is a small one, with a population of under eight million, there are several thousand Bulgarians living in San Diego, enjoying its golden beaches and sunny weather.  But the more we settled, finding jobs, buying houses, getting our children to school, the more we became aware of how deep our Bulgarian roots are and how important it is for us to preserve and promote that feeling of national identity, tradition, language and culture.  Initially we would get together over a cup of coffee to taste some banitca, discuss the hostess recipe and laugh; or to celebrate a birthday with a sip of slivovitca; or to share the joy of a new house, a new job, a newborn American baby; or to welcome and help a newcomer.  Well, it turned out that was not enough. 

We realized that we needed each other for more than to just share the success of our American integration and the blessings of the good life in California.  We all yearned to keep our traditions alive, preserve our language and culture, teach our children our Bulgarian past, celebrate our national holidays together and feel the joy of being part of a strong community again.  We also aspire to share that joy, good food, music, and customs with an even bigger community – our American friends. 

That is how two years ago “Vasil Levski” Educational and Cultural Foundation was born.  It is incorporated as a non-profit public benefit corporation, and its activities have since flourished thanks to the efforts of a few volunteers and the financial support of your generous charitable donations.