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Spring collage 2021

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Our School Mission

            We believe that language can unite people into one community and transform their lives. With this concept in mind, we created a Bulgarian school in America, a country that is a symbol of a harmonious unity of multiple cultures and elasticities. A Bulgarian school, striving to keep the bonds with the homeland alive, naturally fits into this diversity.
           This diversity will enrich our children by giving them the opportunity to read, write and speak in two languages – English and Bulgarian. They will be able to take the best of both cultures and use it for their personal development. Our humble goal is to preserve the language of our fathers. If, along with this, we succeed in teaching our children one of the most valuable human skills – to express themselves through the spoken word - and keep the relationship between generations alive, our mission will be accomplished.
           The main objective of the school is teaching written and spoken Bulgarian and Bulgarian literature, history and geography as well as introduction to Bulgarian holidays, customs and traditions. Children, who already know Bulgarian, will maintain and add to their knowledge while communicating with their peers. We also plan to invite people representing Bulgarian culture, science, sports etc. to meet with our students.

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 School Logo

School Founders

Stanimira Nenkova
Biliana Tsvetanova

Nina Yakov

Rosalina Hristova

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We express our sincere appreciation to all who volunteer their time and efforts for this noble cause:

Ivan Ivanov, Hristomir Hristov, Albena Kalchev, Teodora Purcell, Irina and Petar Vutov, Bela Licheva, Petya Yanchuleva, Dessi and Konstantin Dinov, Georgi Georgiev, Mihail Slavkov

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Darina, Desi and Konstantin Dinov, Tsvetomir Petrov, Teodora and Keith Purcell, Elizabeth Rohwer, Kostadin and Maria Petkov, Lilian and Ivan Vachovsky, Zhan Vetrenski, Diana and Boris Andreev, Vilena and Miroslav Boussarov

Thank you to those who helped us by providing books and supplies:

Daniela Traykova, Kristina Braikova, Svetlana Atanasova, Albena Popova, Eli Krasteva, Stanislav Minchev

And everybody else who helped raise money for the registration of the Bulgarian school as a non-profit organization