Bulgarians in San Diego

San Marcos Celebration

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martenica Dear Friends,

For a second year in a row, Bulgaria and its tradition, history and culture will be presented at the Carnival of Cultures in San Marcos.

MarchCarnival of Cultures

March 7, 2010, 10AM-4PM
San Marcos, Civic Center
1 Civic Center Drive

A warm "Thank You" to all the enthusiasts for their ideas, hard work and support which made the Bulgarian booth possible. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with the Bulgarian spirit far away from the home country. To our volunteers, donors and supporters, thank you for your much needed and appreciated help.

"Vassill Levski" Educational and Cultural Foundation, San Diego


"Vasil Levski"

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Every Bulgarian grew up inspired by the heroic life of our national revolutionary Vasil Levski, who in the mid 19-teenth century fought against the Ottoman Empire and gave his life to free our country from a five century long occupation. 

Those of us fortunate to have made San Diego our second home would like to keep the legend of Vasil Levski alive and instill his ideals for justice and freedom in our children born here and growing up in America.  We also would like to introduce Bulgaria, its rich cultural tradition, history, folklore and art to our American friends.

Our logoWe want our children to know our language and history and our American friends to understand our culture.  With that in mind we have founded “Vasil Levski” Educational and Cultural Foundation.  It is a non-profit organization that seeks to enrich our society with Bulgarian tradition and American friendship.

Welcome !


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