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March 2010 - Expanding Consciousness

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Robert Young talks about Expanding Consciousness

After listening to this interview with Alan Steinfeld from NewRealities and rereading the book about Vanga, I found a lot of parallels between her teachings and Robert's explanations and asked Alan about those amazing coincidences. Here is his answer:

My dear Elizabeth,
I would say:

Like Baba Vanga of Bulgaria, Robert Young also had a Near Death Experience.
Although no physical disabilities resulted this experience left him with
extraordinary abilities see visions beyond this world and communicate with
other dimensional beings.

Similar to Vanga Robert is very in touch with the nature spirits of the land
and has also been instrumental in facilitating healing for others.  However
he feels everyone is responsible for their own healing.

In that light Robert like Vanga is compassionate and loving being who
presence helps uplift other facilitating change.  And has also said, similar
to Vanga, that there are and will be more ETs coming and UFOs to earth at
some point in the future.

Unlike the prophetess of Bulgairia he does not make predictions, but feels
the earth at this time is coming into a grand awakening and many of us
should gather together to assist in this time of transformation.

But the most extraordinary thing about Robert is that he lives an ordinary
life with his wife Barbara traveling the world talking to people of like
mind that want to make a difference

Having just moved from Australia, this is his first trip to California.

Alan Steinfeld

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