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Why a Library?


The library started as an extension of our Book Club. Our first contributor was a guest from Bulgaria - the artist Ponkata. He donated three of the books he had brought with him. Than we, the book lovers, wanted to read more contemporary Bulgarian writers. We also wanted our guests from Bulgaria, who don't speak English, to be able to enjoy reading during their stay here.
So, with the help of a few readers a list of books was made, and Michaela Velichkova was kind enough to bring them from Bulgaria.
Then came the generous donations from people like Mrs. Slavka Dencheva, who had been transferring their favorite books from Bulgaria for many years. Now we can all enjoy writers who would be impossible to be found here otherwise.

Library Rules

If you'd like to enjoy our books, here are the simple rules you should know and follow:rules

1. Patrons provide an email address and a phone number.
2. The loan period is 1 month.
3. Renewals are allowed once if there is no waiting list.
4. Up to 5 books can be borrowed at a time. 
5. A fine of $20 is charged for a lost book.

How to borrow a book?

If you'd like to borrow a book from our library, just go to Home Library Borrow-A-Book, fill out the form and send the message. Shortly you will be contacted by our librarian. 

How to donate books?

If you have extra book you'd like to donate to our library, just contact our librarian Daniela Traykova. She will tell you how to proceed further.