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Thank You

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We would like to extend our sincere "Thank You" to all the people without whom the library wouldn't be possible. Thank you for understanding the need for a library and supporting it by donating your favorite books. Thank you for giving others a chance to enjoy reading in Bulgarian thousands of miles away from Bulgaria.

Thank You:

Vesela Kozarev
Georgi Georgiev
Daniela Traykova
Dr. Roumiana Tzanova
Elizabeth Rohwer
Iva Kostova
Irena Kostova
Irina & Petar Vutov
Elena Milkova
Milena Pisarska
Michaela Velichkova
Mishel Petrov & Nasya Hadjieva
Nina & Yuri Papukchiev
Nina Yakov
Pavlina Nasim
Slavka Dencheva