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Happy May 24, the Day of the Bulgarian alphabet!

We want to congratulate all of you on this wonderful Bulgarian holiday and wish you health and success in your life.

We want particularly to congratulate all of our teachers - current and former, and thank them for their dedication. It is because of them that our children have been able to learn and communicate in our native Bulgarian language here in San Diego for five years in a row. It is because of them that the students have had the opportunity to learn about Bulgarian traditions, history and culture and to retain the power of the Bulgarian spirit for years to come.

Thank you to you, dear parents, for your trust and help. We are convinced that without your support we would not have been able to get here.

Thank you, members and organizers of the Literary Club, for its existence for a third year.  Because of you there is a pleasant place for people to meet and talk about Bulgarian literature and art!

Thank you to you, enthusiasts and leaders of the Folk Dance Group, which this year created another Bulgarian center and gave the opportunity to anyone who wants to experience the joy and pleasure of getting in touch with the rich traditions of Bulgarian folk dance and music.

Thank you to you, Bulgarians from San Diego and Bulgaria, who support the work of the Educational and Cultural Foundation "Vasil Levski" by donating your time, labor and financial resources. Thanks to you, the foundation has been around for five years and we hope it fills your busy life with positive emotions.


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