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Mission, goals and activities of "Vasil Levski"

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We aspire to make our organization the center of the Bulgarian community in San Diego because we would like

  • our children to know our language and history and
  • our American friends to understand and enjoy our culture. 

Up until now, the main activity of the foundation has been to organize and run a Bulgarian language school.  It teaches Bulgarian children reading and writing, literature, history, and geography and introduces Bulgarian holidays, customs, and traditions.  The classes are taught in Bulgarian by professional Bulgarian teachers.  The school also offers a class in Bulgarian Folk Dancing for all students.

Very popular is the Bulgarian Language class for Adult American students.  Those are Bulgarian language enthusiasts that study Bulgarian with a highly qualified professional instructor with credentials both from Sofia University and UCSD.

The Foundations organizes a range of cultural events such as celebrations of Bulgarian national holidays, book signings, presentations, lectures about Bulgaria to the American public, and others.

Recently we started a Literary Circle to discuss and learn about contemporary Bulgarian and English poets and writers.  We plan to extend the circle and invite participation by American literature enthusiasts, aspiring writers, and book lovers.

As it grows, the Foundation will expand its activities to include a variety of other cultural and educational programs, enrich our community and make our life in California more interesting, stimulating, and happy.