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santa Dear friends, parents, and supporters of the Bulgarian cultural and educational foundation "Vasil Levski",

This year has been unique and our traditional Christmas party had to follow suit and take a different format. Anyway, Santa Claus still managed to reach the small and not-so-small students of the Bulgarian school and deliver their long-awaited presents. The ceremony was understandably constrained by the pandemic, but not dampened in holiday spirit. We are still here and our children keep on learning about Bulgarian history, geography, language, culture, and traditions. Our teachers have demonstrated relentless perseverence to transfer the learning process temporarily online and deliver the best instruction possible.

It is never too late to learn new things or to sign up your children at the Bulgarian school. New kids are currently being accepted for the second semester.

Wish you very happy holidays, peace and warmth at home, and lots of health and success in the new 2021!

Bulgarian Educational and Cultural Foundation "Vasil Levski" - San Diego