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Bulgarian Folk Dance Group

nosiaThe idea of starting a group for Bulgarian Folk Dances was realized by a few enthusiasts who felt the need to experience the joy and positive energy one feels when in contact with traditional Bulgarian dances. People participate in the dancing sessions for a variety of reasons: some come to recharge their batteries by tapping into the vitality inherent in traditional Bulgarian folk music; others are looking for a different, more exciting form of work-out; others still would like to reconnect with their roots or to fill some gaps in their education about Bulgarian culture and customs.

The Folk Dances sessions are conducted by volunteers who have experience as Bulgarian folk dancers. They prepare their lessons according to the needs of the participants. Every session starts with a short warm-up of all body parts and is followed by the introduction and practice of different hora - traditional dances performed in a circle. The hora are presented step by step and then practiced to music. This format allows people with differing levels of ability and experience to participate - from beginners, who need to learn the steps, to more experienced dancers, who just need some refreshment of their motor memory, to professionals, who participate to share in the joy of the energizing music and movements.